Who are we?

The ALP is an association (French law 1901), created in 2008 for an indefinite period, whose founding Members are the CEA, the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region, the University of Bordeaux and the École Polytechnique.

The ALP is governed by an Administrative Board composed of representatives of the Members of the association.

Day-to-day management is provided by an Association Office consisting of a President, Vice-Presidents, a Treasurer and a Secretary, designated from among the representatives of the Members.

What do we do ?

ALP organizes the access of the international scientific community to the CEA-DAM power laser facilities located on the CESTA site. These installations include the Laser MegaJoule developed by the CEA and the Petawatt beam PETAL funded mainly by the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region.


  • launches the calls for experimental projects and monitors the selection process,
  • selects the most relevant projects in agreement with the CEA through an International Scientific Advisory Committee,
  • helps the implementation of experimental projects with financial support (missions, target manufacturing).
  • organizes with the CEA, the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region and the CELIA, the LMJ-PETAL user meeting, whose 1st event took place in October 2018, the next one is scheduled in 2022.

ALP also contributes to the development of research on large national and international lasers, ALP :

  • participates in and supports major international conferences such as IFSA (Inertial Fusion Sciences and Applications) and ECPD (European Conference on Plasma Diagnostics), etc.;
  • funds the Edouard Fabre Award for active mid-career researchers working on ICF-related topics;
  • helps the French academic community by supporting the ILP Forum, which regularly brings together researchers interested in plasmas and lasers;
  • participates in equipment developments around the PETAL facility (specific diagnostics, performance improvement, magnetic field generator, etc.)

These actions are in connection with the Research Groups (GDR) that animate the French scientific community interested in plasmas and lasers, and the Pole of competitiveness «Route des Lasers et des Hyperfréquences», represented by the association AlphaRLH.