Calls history

First call for proposals

The first call for proposals was launched in September 2014, with 16 proposals received, most from consortia involving a total of 76 institutes in 14 countries.

In November 2014 the ISAC has preselected 8 proposals, and in May 2015, after the selected groups have provided their full proposals, the ISAC has selected 4 proposals that were approved by CEA-DAM and included in the facility schedule.

Title of the proposalPrincipal Investigators Home institution
Amplification of magnetic fields in radiative plasmas.Prof. Gianluca GregoriDepartment of Physics,
University of Oxford, UK
Study of the interplay between magnetic field and heat transport
in ICF conditions, en route to the study of magnetic reconnection.
Dr. Roch SmetsLPP, Palaiseau, France
Strong Shock generation by laser plasma interaction with or
without laser smoothing in the context of shock ignition studies.
Dr. Sophie Baton
Dr. Arnaud Colaitis
LULI, Palaiseau, France

CELIA, Talence, France
Interacting radiative shock: an opportunity to study astrophysical
objects in the laboratory.
Dr. Michel KoenigLULI,  Palaiseau, France

The first academic experiments on LMJ-PETAL (Amplification of magnetic fields in radiative plasmas.) were carried out in December 2017 with 4 quads and the PETAL beam and 12 diagnostics.

The second and third ones were completed in 2019 and 2020, the last one will be performed at the beginning of 2021.

Second call for proposals

The second call for proposals was launched in April 2016, 9 proposals were received.

The ISAC preselected 6 proposals in September 2016. The final selection in March 2017 retained 3 proposals.

Title of the proposalPrincipal InvestigatorsHome institution
Ramp compression of iron in the TPa regime: a way to
investigate super-earths’ interiors.
Dr. Erik BrambrinkXFEL, Schenefeld, Germany
Hydrodynamics of laser-produced high-energy-density plasma
(HEDP) under kilotesla field to open a new frontier in HEDP physics.
Prof. Shinsuke Fujioka
Dr. Philippe Nicolaï
ILE, Osaka, Japan

CELIA, Talence, France
Betatron x-ray radiation in the self-modulated laser wakefield
acceleration regime at PETAL.
Dr. Félicie AlbertLLNL, Livermore, USA

The first shots of this second call will be performed in 2022.

Third call for proposals under progress

The third call was launched in October 2020 for experiments planned in 2024-2026. 14 proposals were received at the end of 2020.

The ISAC preselected 7 proposals in January 2021. The final selection in Septembre 2021 retained 4 proposals.

Title of the proposalPrincipal Investigators Home institution
Mechanisms and impact of stimulated Raman scattering on hot electron production in ignition-scale plasmas.Dr Jason Frank MyattDepartment of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
University of Alberta, Canada
FeO at Super-Earth interior conditions for planetary models.Dr. Harmand MarionIMPMC, Sorbonne University, France
Driving extreme magnetizations in compressed HED plasmas.Prof. João Jorge SantosCELIA, Talence, France
Evaluation and enhancement of proton and neutron sources produced by PETAL with a view to applications.Dr. Julien FuchsLULI,  Palaiseau, France

The experiments of this call will be performed with at least 22 quads and the PETAL beam, and 20 diagnostics.