Edouard Fabre Prize

Named in honor of one of the founders of Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF) in Europe, the Edouard Fabre Prize is awarded to active researchers at mid-career, within 15 years of their doctoral degree.

The prize has been established by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Network for ICF in 2014, and rewards contributions to the physics of laser-driven ICF and laser-produced plasmas.

The COST action being closed after 4 years, the prize is supported by ALP since 2019.

Since 2017 the Edouard Fabre Prize is held on a biannual basis, in association with the Inertial Fusion Sciences and Applications (IFSA) conference.

Applications procedure

A CV, a list of publications and a letter of application should be sent to: contact@asso-alp.fr

Self-nominations are accepted and no letter of support is required. The winner will receive a certificate and a cash prize of 1500 €.  He will also be offered the opportunity to give a talk at the IFSA conference.

Selection procedure

The laureate is chosen by an international selection committee composed of 6 members appointed by the IFSA co-chairs (2 from Europe, 2 from Asia and 2 from America) and the last 2 laureates.

The committee members are not eligible for the prize.

2023 winners

The 6th Edouard Fabre Prize was awarded at the 12th edition of the IFSA conference, held in Denver (USA) in September 2023. Because of the sanitary conditions, the prize could not be awarded in 2021, two prizes were awarded in 2023.
The winners are:

Alex Zyltra from LLNL (USA) for his experimental leadership and contributions to the physics of laser-driven ICF plasmas and to the achievement of ignition at NIF.
David Turnbull from LLE (USA) for his outstanding contributions to the physics of laser-plasma interaction and to the understanding of laser-plasma instabilities.

Past Recipients:

2014 – Gianluca GREGORI (University of Oxford, UK) & Stéphane SEBBAN (LOA, France),

2015 – Pierre MICHEL (LLNL, USA),

2016 – Jérôme FAURE (LOA, France),

2017 – Félicie ALBERT (LLNL, USA) & Alexis CASNER (CEA/CELIA, France)

2019 – Shinsuke FUJIOKA (ILE, Japan)

About Edouard Fabre
Edouard Fabre was one of the pioneers of ICF studies in Europe. He started working on CO2 and ruby laser, before moving on to Nd:glass. In the 1970s he brought together the French laser and plasma scientists to work on ICF and related physics in a research group, which was the basis of future developments in the fields. In 1988 he founded the LULI (Laboratoire pour l’Utilisation des Lasers Intenses), which played a leading role in Europe in civil academic research in ICF and High Energy Density (HED) science. Later, he was deputy director of the CNRS Energy Program.
He received an award from the Académie Française des Sciences in 1981, and another from the Institute of Physics and the Société Française de Physique in 1988.